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Riwal Insight interviews

12 Apr

Riwal Insight with Amber Van Westen

Amber Van Westen, Human Resource Advisor for Riwal HQ

It is a great feeling when you feel pride and admiration for working in such a dynamic organisation. In this interview of the “Riwal Insights” series, Amber Van Westen, HR advisor,  explains what she finds most interesting about working at Riwal and how she uses that to contribute to the growing success of Riwal.

Amber has been working at Riwal as a Human Resource Advisor for two years now. She started working initially for Riwal Benelux and made the move to Riwal HQ after one year. At a younger age, she did not have a clear path on what she wanted to become, but she was always passionate about working with people, especially in a business environment. Within human resources, she has found the perfect combination.

Some of Amber’s favourite things about working at Riwal include her colleagues, the informal atmosphere, the international environment and the great opportunities that Riwal provides. Riwal supports her to grow professionally in many ways. Amber said that she got the opportunity to  develop herself really quickly. On top of that, she learned a lot about working in an international environment as this is her first international role. 

‘What I like most about working at Riwal are my colleagues, the informal atmosphere, the international environment and the great opportunities that Riwal provides me to grow and learn every day.’

Amber says that working at Riwal makes her feel really proud. In her daily job she is constantly looking for the best advice, solutions and opportunities for both the company and its employees. That is why it gives her so much energy to work for this dynamic company every day!  

  • Mohammed Zameer Tousif / Manlift Power Qatar WLL 11 Mar

    Well, Cant agree more Mr Pedro, Riwal truly is one of the most inclusive Organizations I have personally witnessed, And Its only possible with people like you at the helm of affairs Thank you for guiding us, proud to be a part of this amazing Group

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